Medal of Courage Awarded at Recent FlowTour Stop

When DropZone Waterpark installed their FlowRider attraction, they had deeper intentions than simply attracting the local community and making waves in the dessert of California. Upon opening the ride, the County of Riverside and its’ Supervisors of  The County of Parks and Recreation dedicated the FlowRider to a very special individual, Lucas Ransom, in a special ceremony.

Lucas is honored daily with a plaque in front of the wave in memory of the tragic incident three and a half years ago, when at just 19 years of age, his life was cut short by a great white shark that attacked him as he was bodybaording just north of Santa Barbara. Lucas attended UCSB as chemistry major, and was also a competitive swimmer, polo player, lifeguard, and had a affinity for waves.

To carry on his deep passion for sports, and making a difference in other people’s lives, a Medal of Courage was awarded during the FLOW Tour awards ceremony as a symbolic representation of courage and sportsmanship. This award has been shared across numerous events, in hopes that the athlete will share the medal with another deserving individual down the road in memory of Lucas, and to continue his legacy.

The winner of the Medal of Courage was awarded to an athlete that is known more for continuously infectious smile, always willing to offer a helping hand, as well as an expert level rider – PRO Bodyboarder Daniel Tarapchak.

FLOW Tour, DropZone Waterpark, and all of those involved were honored to present the Medal of Courage to Daniel and to contribute to the memory of Lucas.

Watch the video here: FLOW Tour Drop Zone Medal Of Courage Award