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Make Going to the Mall Cool Again

In the everchanging landscape of retail development, rich entertainment and truly dynamic experiences have moved to the top of the priority list for developers.

Whether it is a hip restaurant, a cutting-edge brew pub, or an entertainment activity like Topgolf, people are starting to seek out things that cannot be bought online. As Millennials aggressively enter the conversation and developers obviously start to take them more seriously, the age of accumulating “stuff” is becoming a thing of the past. This new generation is actively seeking experiences and community.

This is where our opportunity lies.

When it comes to experience and entertainment, there are many options from which consumers can choose. We will argue that there is nothing much cooler than walking through a mall and seeing people surfing a perfect, endless wave. Not only does it deliver an incredible experience for riders, but it is also very fun to watch. At the forefront of this is the FlowRider®, a perfect stationary wave system that lends opportunity to athletes of all ages to surf a wave anywhere, anytime and regardless of weather.

The most popular product in the FlowRider lineup is the FlowRider Double. Simply put, it is a two-pump attraction that can handle two riders riding at the same time. Those two pumps send a combined 40,000 gallons of water per minute across a tensioned fabric ride surface that is formed in the shape of a real, perfect ocean wave. Patrons can drop in, carve a turn and throw spray; in essence performing maneuvers similar to those that are performed by surfers in the ocean. With that said, this isn’t real surfing but more a cross platform sport that is a combination of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Essentially it is its own thing, and we call it flowboarding. We often say:

It looks like a wave, rides like a mountain, and uses the tricks of skateboarding.

The FlowRider is a unique innovation in water rides that is fun for everyone, from kids to adults, but especially for that 13 – 29 demographic; those who are so historically hard to impress, but who become addicted to the thrill and challenge of boardsports. Most mixed-use and economic developers know this already, but you can never underestimate the power of the Teen!

Teenagers can be some of the most opinionated people in the family group. If you have one, you know what we’re talking about. Many facilities spend their time picking attractions that appeal to younger children and tweens and don’t spend enough time focusing on the teen and young adult. This is a big mistake!! In a family of five the teen can often determine where the whole family goes, as the parents will often pick the path of least resistance (i.e., less arguing) and choose an outing that appeals to the teenager. It is for that reason that Royal Caribbean’s family bookings just about doubled after they added the FlowRider. The formula is simple – cater to the teen and you get the family!

Location, location, location – choosing where you locate your FlowRider can be the single biggest decision in your purchasing process. The FlowRider can act as a centerpiece to the food court or be in the middle of a courtyard surrounded by stores and restaurants. One of the most popular locations for a FlowRider is as part of a Flow House™ or stand-alone venue. What is a Flow House? A Flow House is an entertainment venue pioneering the fusion between flowboarding, food, beverage, retail and events. It is a multi-faceted, revenue-generating destination that epitomizes fun in the local flavor. It can be indoors or outdoors. In its simplest form, the Flow House utilizes the FlowRider as a revenue generator through ride ticket sales, lessons, competitions, parties and events, and as entertainment for the restaurant and retail outlets. It is a place where people can surf, eat, drink or just hang out, and it is the mechanism that brings the beach lifestyle to virtually any location.

When all the fun and games are over, the real excitement begins; whether it is the click of the cash register or the swipe of a credit card, the Flow House is built on revenue generation. It was born out of the idea that four is better than three, which is certainly better than one. The Flow House is a combination of four major revenue generators: Food and Beverage, Retail, Events and Ride Ticket sales… but more about that later.

Flow House Yongin, South Korea.


These four money makers all feed into the same pool. In many instances these elements can stand on their own, but they really are cohesive and complimentary. When combined, they feed from each other to increase guests’ dwell time and generate more revenue, while the shared elements of staffing, building space and facilities all keeps overhead down.

While our primary function is to manufacturer these attractions, we are also experienced operators and understand the intricacies of how a consumer-based business works. Advice and direction is basically folded into what we offer our clients.

With multiple Flow House venues operating successfully and many more either under construction or in planning stages, the Flow House is set to be the next big thing.

The synergistic blend of Flow House revenue generators are stronger together than they are on their own. The “surfing” provides entertainment that keeps people eating and drinking longer. The spectators drive the riders to show off and the two groups feed off each other. The retail provides the clothing for both groups to do this in. All in all, like a team, they work to­gether. Those team members are:


Revenue from hospitality is at the heart of our culinary concept, making it the perfect place for friends, family, groups and partygoers to enjoy great food and drinks in an action-packed setting complete with our nev­er-ending waves.

Flowboarding is a captivating sport not only for riders, but for spectators as well. It is an entertainment hook that truly mesmerizes audiences and creates a totally unique environment and a peek into the surf culture. Wave enthusiasts enjoy food and drinks while watching their new favorite sport at Flow House. Food-and-beverage sales are driven by the entertainment of flowboarding.


The hype from flowboarding filters into opportunities for retail sales. From FlowRider- and Flow House–branded merchandise to all the latest surf brands, retail sales are just another sensical avenue for a Flow House to generate more revenue.

Flow House can lay out an international buffet of the world’s best surf wear, swimwear and beachwear, including Quiksilver, Billabong, Reef, Rip Curl, Oakley, Body Glove, Animal and DC. From the sunglasses perched on your head, to the sandals on the soles of your feet, and everything in between — sun dresses, surf trunks, t-shirts, sun protection, towels and beach chairs — Flow House surf shops provide top to bottom coverage for those who want to dress for sun access. Soft goods galore, but also hard goods to put underfoot. Flow House is the place to find cutting-edge surfboards, skateboards, wakeboards and the latest designs for the ever-evolving hybrid sport of flowboarding.


If we could all host events on one of the picturesque islands in the South Pacific, we would, but that’s a little out of reach for most of the population, right? The Flow House is the next best thing. The unique environment creates the ideal board sport lifestyle experience and can accommodate a variety of group sizes. From a birthday party on the FlowRider, to a group of banking associates spending time out of the office, Flow House is the place to make the occasion a more memorable one. Flow House special events generate a vital revenue stream and are an essential inclusion to the business model.

Part of the Flow House DNA centers on nightlife; as calm and tame as it is during the day, the exact opposite can occur at night. It is forgiving during the day, when family fun is the focal point, but when the sun goes down, the Flow House takes shape as a social spot of the highest order.

With the latest sports on TV, and entertainment in the venue, Flow House transforms itself into the “go to” spot…. And don’t forget the waves! Our goal is bringing the California lifestyle to anywhere on the planet. Are you ready for it? Come down, sink on in, and enjoy.

Surf House Patong, Thailand.



Surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding and flowboarding are skill-based activities that challenge riders to develop their skills and perfect new tricks.

Accomplishment is the reward that drives athletes to continue to strive to higher levels of sport. The FlowRider delivers both the challenge and the reward which, translates to a solid base of repeat riders and ongoing revenue.

Flowboarding is an expansive lifestyle sport catering to all walks of life, from youngsters to adults. With fre­quent leagues, local tournaments, seasonal tours and worldwide competitions, dull simply doesn’t exist in our “wave” of life.

None of this would be possible if we didn’t have a passion and drive to build the safest sheet wave on the planet. Safety is at our core and it always comes first at Flow House. All riders are carefully screened to make sure they are up to the vigors of a flowrboarding session. With the addition of world class instructors, riders are constantly monitored and coached to make sure their experience is not only thrilling but safe. FlowRider safety is maximized by the use of proprietary padding systems including a tensioned composite membrane ride surface. Much like a trampoline, this ride surface is the key to FlowRider safety. The aforementioned 40,000 gallons of water that the pumps push out every minute go up and over this tensioned surface in a uniform 3-inch sheet at about 25 mph. It absorbs the most extreme of impacts and makes guests come back for more. Every fall, crash and wipe-out actually ends up being part of the fun.

One key thing to understand is that we are a manufacturer, so we are not looking to lease space. We are looking for creative developers with which to collaborate, design and build these epic venues. We have extensive experience with operations and can help guide you through the process. Whether it is a sample business plan or feasibility study, a venue design or operational expertise, we can deliver on a promise to give your venue the best chance at success.

Success breeds success and no product has had more success in this industry than FlowRider. Whether it is one of the nearly 250 venues out there or our impressive list of repeat clients like Royal Caribbean International, Westin, or Great Wolf Lodge, our goal is to work with you and expand the world of action sports.

It’s time to get people off their phones and onto a board. Are you ready to get your flow on?