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Grand Opening: Surf House Helsinki

Typically when you go 4 floors underground at a mall, you’ll find a boring parking garage, right? The Mall of Tripla in Helsinki, Finland has a very different vibe going on 4 floors down and it’s called Surf House Helsinki!

This new FlowRider® venue is one of three that is owned and operated by Sick-X Pte. Ltd. Their first two are in Phuket, Thailand – one on Kata Beach, one on Patong Beach. This is their first indoor venue and will actually soon be followed by a 4th venue in Hong Kong in late 2020. Sick-X is on a roll!

OK! Back to Surf House Helsinki…right when you walk in, the perfect 27°C/80°F temperature warmly welcomes you as you walk down the stairs with beach volleyball courts straight ahead and the FlowRider Double to your left. The thatched roof bar can’t be missed and neither can the real sand and palm trees. They have a private room for meetings and/or parties. The changing rooms are simple and clean. And the sauna attached adds a nice Finnish finishing touch too!

All images courtesy of Surf House Helsinki

Since not all Finnish people like to take cold water plunges in the middle of winter, this venue has been much anticipated in the area. Some locals (and visitors) prefer a warm place to hang out and pass time with friends. With Corona as a sponsor, real palms and sand and the FlowRider all under one, Surf House Helsinki is off to a good start on that front. Since opening about a month ago, their 60-minute sessions have all been sold out every weekend and even some weekdays have been packed.

The leisure element of shopping experiences today are becoming more and more important. Guests want a destination that can offer them what they need but also a place that can offer a cool experience they can share with their friends and family. Hence this market segment is FlowRider’s fastest growing segment.

Surf House Helsinki is delivering that one of a kind experience at the Mall of Tripla and we can’t wait to see all the success they experience for years to come.

Welcome to the Flow Family, Surf House Helsinki!