FlowRider’s Leader Focused on Safety

“ASTM International is a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of voluntary consensus standards. Today,over 12,000 ASTM standards are used around the world to improve product quality, enhance health and safety, strengthen market access and trade, and build consumer confidence.” (source:

In the never-ending quest to improve product safety, and especially the safety of stationary wave systems, FlowRider’s fearless leader Marshall Myrman, is and has been the ASTM’s (American Standard of Testing and Materials) chairperson of F-24.70 WK 31624 (Committee on Stationary Wave Systems) for three years.  He did not ask for this role, but volunteered as he knows it is the right thing to do and a very integral role in the industry.

“I actually “fell” into the role, as there was an opportunity to try and push a new standard through to completion,” Marsh explained.  “It is a lot of work, some play, but in the end very satisfying.  I need to thank my employer, WhiteWater, for allowing me to volunteer my time for this role.  They are a huge supporter of ASTM and sponsor the twice yearly conferences under the FlowRider and WhiteWater brands.”

And after three arduous years, the official safety standard for Stationary Wave Systems was finally passed this month!  Marsh worked tirelessly to try to keep all of the voting members happy.

“It is a crazy task – working with that many engineers.  Very hard to reach consensus, with so many diverse opinions in the room, but the fact is, we all want the same thing.  That “thing” is a safe attraction that a customer can use in confidence.  There are so many people that volunteer their time, efforts, and energy into the creation of ASTM Standards for the Attraction and Amusement industry.  Their knowledge of the standards within F24 leave me humbled – I am a mere administrator and politician to get the standard passed, and then to add some meat to the standard.”

Jim Seay, President of Premier Rides and 8-year ASTM F24 Chairman, also leads his troop to keep safety at the top of everyone’s list at every step of every process.  Premier Rides us coming up on their 23rd year of being in the amusement industry.  What Seay says in the video below resonates with Myrman and his entire FlowRider & WhiteWater teams.

“The F24 Amusement Ride Committee is interesting because it’s so diverse,” says Seay.  “It’s only with all these people’s input do you really get that consensus approach to making a safety standard and producing rides.”  Obviously like Myrman, Seay understands the importance of turning over every stone, so to speak, for the sake of engineering and producing only the safest of products for patrons to enjoy and therefore create special and unique experiences.

With a strong leader such as Myrman at the helm, the FlowRider and WhiteWater crew always has the safety element of our FlowRider products top-of-mind.  Whether it’s an entire development process of a new ride or another installation among our existing 190 FlowRider installs, this rings true every step of the way and over and over again.  We are truly committed to safety and we are proud to have Myrman as our chairman on ASTM.

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