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FlowRider Services Heading Up to Canada Next Month

In 2014 West Edmonton Mall went full out with building one of North America’s largest indoor waterparks – World Waterpark. This park is stacked with some of WhiteWater West’s coolest attractions – AquaLoop and AquaDrops, Slideboarding, a huge wave pool, and of course a FlowRider® Double. One of the cool things for us to hear about is that since the opening of the park, they have started and maintained a couple super popular clubs – a Surf Club (for their huge wave/surf pool) and a FlowRider Club. There a lot of local riders that frequent this wave.  With that said, this is a very busy wave that is in need of a little professional help and some upgrades.

The front and rear recovery areas will soon be upgrading to include FlowRider, Inc.’s new Max Recovery System and some sections of the overall padding system will be upgraded as well.  The Max Recovery System is key for a couple reasons. Not only does it look great, it is easier to maintain, is softer to land on and is also better to spend time on like the park’s lifeguards do…for hours at a time!

The padding system on every wave we build is comprised of the softest, most durable materials we can source.  Any part of the wave that a patron could ever come in contact with is outfitted with this system. World Waterpark’s wave, nicknamed the Tsunami FlowRider, needs to get a couple sections (the higher traffic areas) reupholstered, essentially. The upkeep is key and we are here to help.

We have of course designed and engineered our rides to be as safe as possible from the start; we love helping our clients maintain their waves so it can stay that way. As with everything, there is usually some natural wear and tear. The FlowRider Services team is the go-to crew for everything from simple questions about your FlowRider to scheduling an inspection and/or refurbishment job.

Stay tuned for some Before & After photos once this refurb is complete and if you have any questions or concerns, visit