FlowRider & Samsung – Big on Water

Recently Samsung Canada and FlowRider teamed up for a Samsung waterproof Galaxy product launch in downtown Toronto.

A few of Samsung’s products are fully waterproof, so it made perfect, watery sense for them to call us for a product launch event.  The FlowRider Mobile was center stage for close to 2 weeks and locals were stoked!  Product demonstrations and surf sessions were happening right and left, often times during people’s lunch breaks.  We venture to think that while the FlowRider was set up, the surrounding 4 block radius wasn’t as productive as usual. How could all those people resist?!  Imagine sitting in one of Toronto’s many skyscrapers and looking down to see people surfing in the middle of the street!

Andy Haase and Sean Silveira were on site the whole time making sure everyone had a chance to ride.  A few tips and tricks were shared along the way.  Even some members of the Toronto FlowRider Flow Club showed up to show off their skills.  Thanks for the love, guys!  The community of flowboarders across the world is so tight knit – this was just another amazing event that strengthened the community.  Our permanent surf simulator machines bring the Southern California lifestyle anywhere they are installed, so having the capability to roll into the middle of an awesome city for a couple weeks, gives everybody a little taste.

Next time you are on a planning committee for a music festival, race finish line extravaganza, product launch, brand activation or any incredibly cool party, contact Jo Saunders at  She will set you up with all the info you need to get the FlowRider Mobile at your next event.

See Ya On The Wave!