FlowRider Mobile Sells Out at Olympic Swim Trials

While Michael Phelps swam his way into his 5th Olympics,
many swim fans “surfed” their way into their new favorite sport!

From June 26 to July 3rd in conjunction with USA Swimming and the Omaha Sports Commission, the U.S. Olympic Committee facilitated the 2016 Olympic Swim Trials at the CentryLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

Inside a full fledged fan experience, called the Aqua Zone, the main event, aside from the actual competitions, was the FlowRider® Mobile!  Among many water-based activities like log rolling and swimming against a Michael Phelps’ freestyle speed-current, fans also had the opportunity to ride our wave for 55-minute sessions!  The flowboarding sessions, which took place in an area designated as Surf Omaha in the Aqua Zone, were sold out within the first 2 days of the event.  In fact, it was 85% sold out before the trials even started!  We are honored (and stoked!) that we partook in the overall success of the event!

FlowRider Team Riders Eric Silverman, Sean Silveira and Andy Haase made Surf Omaha great!  They managed set up, breakdown and everything in between.  These guys showed young swimming fans, news anchors and even US Swim Team members, Conor Dwyer, Allison Schmitt and Chase Kalisz, how enjoy the wave!

Former Olympian, Kristy Kowal, gave the wave a go & gave us a shout out too!

The takeaway from this amazingly successful event?  A) The world can still be confident that Michael Phelps just may have webbed feet (#5thOlympics), B) there are a total of 45 amazing swimmers that will represent the US in Rio and C) now the world knows to call FlowRider, Inc for waves on demand!  See ya on the wave!