FlowRider, Inc.’s 2018 in Review

As 2018 comes to a close, we want to remember everything we are thankful for. For instance, we are thankful, first and foremost, for our clients and patrons of the FlowRider® brand. These are the people that keep us fired up, day in and day out, to do our very best. This means doing our best to design the safest, most fun, most reliable wave system(s) in the world. It means being as responsive as possible so that our clients have answers as soon as possible. It means creating and up keeping websites to the best of our ability, as well as quality gear for our riders and brand ambassadors and maintaining a media center for clients. It means having great installation teams executing in a timely manner and having project services and engineering teams that are there to assist through every step in the installation process. It means having the happiest, most pumped sales persons on the planet – reps that listen to our clients’ needs and attempt to provide the best solutions possible. It means having the best team to work around and the best boss to work for – someone who appreciates your output and effort.  It also means that I have lived another year, because I work around an amazing group of young people that keep me young! Does all of this mean that I think we are the best? Nah, we just love what we do.  To be the best is an aspiration, it keeps us grounded and focused, prevents complacency, and keeps us moving forward with a keen eye on the future.

This year was filled with a lot of ‘firsts.’ The first FlowRider® Mobile to be built with a combination of steel structure and our patented inflatable ride surface, and the first 4th of July party on said mobile wave. Utilizing the best attributes of all of our prior units, this baby is ready to roll! Another first – the first FlowRider Triple, being installed right now in an undisclosed location with our patented inflatable ride surface technology (see a trend here?). The first sale (of many to come) of a WaveOz™ in the middle east (Laguna Waterpark, Dubai) and in China, and the first FlowRider ever sold into Vietnam (Flow House Ana Marina). In development currently are the first…….whoops, I can’t talk about those yet, but they are going to be the first and will be awesome!!

We have achieved many things this year, including a record number of sales, a record number of installations, a record number of refurbishments and a record number of happy clients. All of these are because of you, the client, and the patron demand for the FlowRider brand. We work tirelessly so that we can continue to provide the very best service and commitment to you. Without you, we are zip, zap, zippo, as in nothing.  With you, we are whole, we a have purpose. And if you ever have an issue, all you have to do is call me, and we can work on it together. It is this collaboration which motivates us at FlowRider, Inc.  It is why when we wake up in the AM, we are fired up to go to work and disprove that work is a four-letter word.  I mean it is, but we prove it wrong. In fact, let’s just rename work to fun. That’s it! I will practice my “See you later, honey. I’m on my way to fun!” when I walk out the door each morning! If you want more fun in 2019, give us a call – we can help because we are basically fun brokers!!

Happy Holidays,

Marshall Myrman & The FlowRider Team