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FlowRider, Inc. & ADG Deliver Louisiana’s First FlowRider

The state of Louisiana now has their first FlowRider® simulated surf machine and we are thrilled to welcome

BREC’s Liberty Lagoon waterpark to the Flow Family.


BREC’s Liberty Lagoon Waterpark opened in 2011, offering water fun for the whole family to enjoy including pools, slides, splash pads and a lazy river.

Most recently, Liberty Lagoon added several key features to their venue as they look to expand the park before the 2017 season.  They turned to FlowRider and their official North American licensee, Aquatic Development Group, to offer some wave-centric assistance for this park’s rejuvenation!

Along with several new large slides, pavilions, and concession stands, the FlowRider Double is now the feature attraction at Liberty Lagoon Waterpark with expectations of increasing ticket sales for the years to come. The most popular waterpark in BREC’s impressive list of parks, Liberty Lagoon continues to evolve its offerings, and operates between the months of May through August.

Liberty Lagoon attracts local families, teenagers, school and community groups as well as those making the trip from New Orleans and other heavily-populated regional locations because they know it is the ultimate destination to stay cool and enjoy some fun in the sun!

With an estimated 100,000 people visiting the park each year, BREC’s Liberty Lagoon has installed an attraction that provides the antidote to thrill fatigue, always leaving their guest hungry for more.
“We are super excited for the FlowRider addition to our park,” states Kristin Domangue, Liberty Lagoon Waterpark Operations Manager. “We have already received interest from the skate and wakeboard clubs at LSU; as well as partnered with a local wakeboard park in the area,” she further shared.

Not only will the FlowRider capture the teen market and provide motivation for customers to return on a daily basis as they look to progress/increase their skill sets, but it also opens up other revenue streams for the venue.

The FlowRider is going to make a huge splash in the community, there is nothing like it around!” explains Brett Weinberger, Liberty Lagoon Assistant Park Director. “We look forward to hosting more birthday parties and private events featuring the FlowRider,” added Brett.

For flowboarders who are accustomed to paying by the session (30 minutes or an hour), you will be happy to know that your waterpark admission ticket ($11) plus a $5 wristband for the FlowRider will have you covered for the full day of riding.

For more information about the park’s features and rentals, visit

To join Liberty Lagoon’s VIP texting club for alerts, events, weather closures and information, text LAGOON to 99009.

See Ya On The Wave!