FlowRider Customer Service at its Finest

We have a saying at FlowRider, Inc.  It is a simple one, but it is our mission statement.  “FlowRider = to serve.”

What this means to us is that we service our customers, internally and externally, with an extreme amount of care and vigor.  We are relentless in our pursuit of service excellence, and it isn’t always easy when you have 200+ FlowRider surfing simulators dotting the globe we call Earth.  We are talking some remote locations as well, including Finland, the UAE, Armenia, and 20 FlowRiders installed on cruise ships which are constantly moving!

But, it remains our mission to provide unbeatable service, and those that can’t hack it ultimately find themselves in another geographic location.  It really boils down to how we treat people, up and down organizations.  A great example came to me recently.

Recently our FLOW Tour team was running the World Championships of Flowboarding at Aquaworld in Cancún, Mexico (one of our newer stand alone locations).  The “Worlds” competition is the culmination of a yearlong competitive tour that has 30+ events all over the world.  Adam Muller, who manages all things FLOW Tour along with our Retail business (if you need some gear, email, was finally seeing some light at the end of the season long tunnel after a really long week, when he became aware of some issues with another valued client that just so happened to be up the road – Barceló Resorts.  Our traveling crew members, led by Adam, went to Barceló after the week long competition and spent a number of days taking care of the issues and actually ended up retraining their entire staff.

If you have ever ridden a FlowRider, you know it’s the quality of the staff that helps create the best guest experience possible.  The better the staff, the better the experience.  A simple but proven formula for keeping people on the attraction and making sure they continue to come back, time after time.  Adam, Nick Nguyen, Sean Silveira, and Jake Fassett, all went the extra mile in making sure Barceló is set up to provide top notch service and training to their customers, now and into the future! And, by the looks of the image, I’d say they had a good time doing it.  Remember to always work hard and play hard, guys!!

See ya on the wave!