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FLOW Tour ready to flow across the nation

2016 FlowRider FLOW Tour

In recent years, surfing has taken some huge strides to become a mainstream sport. The artificial wave industry is also making strides to bring flowboarding and its lifestyle to the next level by contributing technology, consistency and a controlled environment.

While we have seen surfing make its debut in the X Games and submit its ballot for the Olympics, FlowRider, Inc. and WhiteWater West Industries (industry leader and patent protector of the sheet wave technology) have installed over 200 wave machines worldwide, thus creating an everlasting liquid stage and together developing the sport of flowboarding.

The FlowRider® sheet wave attraction and sport offers the excitement of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding; the connection to those industries have created a lifestyle following. Despite a modest beginning, FlowRider Inc is now paving the way for this generation’s interactive watersports.

The community of boardsport enthusiasts, labeled as flowboarders, are a tight group, from a core novice crew to the top professionals. They all share common goals – to grow the sport, feed their passion and develop their skill sets. (Join our community here on flowboarders.com)

From the west coast to the east coast and just about everywhere in between, the FlowRider FLOW Tour provides the platform for growth and passion in the flowboarding community. The FLOW Tour is flowboarding’s premiere competitive contests series, featuring the world’s best riders. Tours are held in Asia, Europe and USA.

The 2016 U.S. schedule includes 20+ venues and touches all corners of the country! Cruising the beaches of California and Florida, saddling up in Texas, hitting the boardwalks on the Jersey Shore and climbing through the mountains of Utah, riders are gearing up to take the country by storm.

The season is set to kick off April 16th at Silver Rapids Waterpark in Kellogg, Idaho, where riders will have their first chance to earn Tour points for their season campaign. Competitors are encouraged to sign up for a FLOW Tour membership as their top 8 contest results will determine their 2016 National Ranking.

The FLOW Tour winners of the Pro Men’s Flowboard, Pro Men’s Bodyboard and Pro Women’s Flowboard will earn a spot on Team USA and a free airline ticket to the World Flowboarding Championships (Date/Venue TBD).

We have a division for everyone, so FLOW Tour welcomes athletes of all ages to participate. This year’s tour will take the sport to a whole new stature!

It’s only a matter of time before riders are throwing spray and ripping it up on your wave! Are you ready to get your flow on!?

For more information, check out our websites (FlowRider.com & Flowboarders.com) and stay social on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.