FLOW Tour 2022 Continues with Stop #2 at FlowRider Utah

Last weekend, we had a fantastic time will all the smiling flowboarders at FlowRider Utah for the second FLOW Tour Prime Event. Everyone brought there A-game, and we always love to see the amazing skill within the flowboarding community. Scroll down to see competition scores, and here’s what iFly, FlowRider and iRock Utah General Manager, Shaun Hancock, had to say about the event:

FLOW Tour 2022 in Ogden, Utah was a huge success as always. We have hosted the US FLOW Tour every year since 2007 (with the exception of COVID19), and we plan on keeping that tradition for years to come. It’s a great way to support and grow the sport of flowboarding as well as showcasing the best riders in the US in front of our local community.

We were unsure about access to our event this year for travelers because of the high cost of flights etc.. but were happily surprised with a great turnout. 58 participants comprised of half local riders and the rest from all across the country. We had riders from Washington, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Vermont, Idaho and California. It was so much fun spending the weekend with the flowboarding community and the competition was tight across all the divisions.

You almost need a PHD to judge these days with the technicality and creativity of tricks being performed. My favorite divisions are the youth/groms because they are the future of the sport. The Pro divisions did not disappoint with competitors pushing each other in both their runs and the best trick portion really allows these athletes to progress the sport. Thanks to everyone involved that supports our competition. See you next year!!!