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Flow House – Choosing a location

Flow House – Choosing a location

As a FlowRider business model the Flow House concept is growing from strength to strength. With venues opening in Florida, The Philippines, Korea in the last few months it is only a matter of time before it starts to become a household name.

For this article we thought we would focus on what to look for when choosing a site. We often get asked the question, should this be near the surf?  This way surfers can ride?  Sometimes people want it inland where there is no surf. Regardless of proximity to an ocean, the key to success is simple; people. Without people you are fighting a losing battle. In fact the need for people is the single biggest reason why there isn’t a Flow House on the moon!

Aside from the need for riders and spectators, let’s take a moment to drill into what to look for when choosing a location. As a starting point we suggest that you talk to your local city council or city development bureau. They can often help steer you in the right direct. In some instances a private/public partnership may be just what the doctor ordered. This can often create a better deal as cities are often looking for attractions that can boost the community, generate employment, and add tourist attractions. There is nothing says tourist attraction more than a perfect wave.

So the first step in all this is to ask yourself the question, “Can the population base support this?” While this seems simple, there are many factors to consider. Is there a big base population? Is there a transient tourist population? What is traffic like (both foot and auto)? What are the demographics? Each case is unique and should be considered. As an example you can have quality over quantity, like in the case of a university. Developing a Flow House near a university is a great idea as the median age of a student fits nicely at the top of the rider bell curve. Furthermore, students have been known from time to time to enjoy the occasional frosty alcoholic (high margin) beverage.

With all that said, we have several rides that do quite well in smaller markets so don’t get too hung up on finding a massive population base. In the great words of Optimus Prime, “There is more than meets the eye!”

The second factor to consider when choosing a site is competing attractions. While the FlowRider and Flow House is truly unique in the world of attractions there is no doubt that markets with less competition for your customer’s hard earned cash give you a better chance of success. Again, this is not as cut and dried as it may sound as there are exceptions. Ever noticed multiple car dealerships in one area? Logically one would think that they are all competing heavily, but the fact is together they have created car buying zones and many people know that if they want a car they should go to that area.

Other factors to consider are parking, accessibility, visibility, size, contract terms and most importantly price. BUT the key in all this is people.

Be sure to check out www.FlowHouse.com 

For more information about choosing a site call FlowRider, Inc and talk to one of our people, we are here to help you succeed.