Product Safety & Technology

Where are FlowRider Products Made?

A FlowRider stationary wave system is built onsite, with a complex and diverse supply chain, that supports us in everything we do. It is what allows us to change speeds quickly and efficiently. 

We have a supply chain that is small, but diverse. Components for a FlowRider come from all reaches of the globe; from our Asian Partners in Qindao and Shanghai, China, to the European reaches of Sweden, Germany and France, we use a fully integrated supply chain to serve you best from a quality and service perspective.  

Our 304 and 316 Stainless Steel comes from either the UK, New York, Shanghai, or Finland. It depends on the customer, application, and timing. 

Our reinforced composite vinyl makes its way to us from France. The foam that we spent a year sourcing, and which meets the ASTM standard for hockey helmet impacts is made in Taiwan. 

The electrical cabinet and drive systems are generally made for us out of Canada, and we build all of our recovery systems in San Diego out of components made in the USA and Shanghai, China. 

All stationary wave systems have some common components – i.e., many companies use the two best pump suppliers in the world, and their operations are in Sweden and Germany respectively. And yes, we use both suppliers. 

All of these supply chain elements are carefully and expertly orchestrated to arrive at your venue at approximately the same time, so our team of Installation Supervisors can build you an attraction that will deliver fun and joy for decades. We take a great deal of pleasure and have intense pride over the global nature of our supply chain and the efficiency of which we can bring it home to you, the client!