Wave & Venue Operations

What is Flow Decay & How Do I Fix it?

A flow decay is when the water flow coming out of the nozzles does not make it over the rear roller and into the back deck to properly drain and recycle the water in the tank. The water then creates a big ball of whitewater that descends down towards the nozzle deck. The wave should immediately be turned off and the water allowed to drain before restarting.

The number one reason a flow decay happens at venues around the world is because the ride surface is not properly tensioned. Per the daily and weekly checklists we provide, your team should constantly be checking the ride surface tension level.

If you keep experiencing flow decays at your venue the FlowRider team can walk you through a step-by-step process on what to check.

Usually the check is in this order:

1. Surface tension

2. Water level

3. VFD frequency

4. Nozzle aperture gap