Prices & Install Details

What Happens With My FlowRider During the Lead Time?

We generally quote a lead time of 6 months from deposit to commissioning and training on the attraction. This considers that all the milestones (payment, etc.) have been met.  

It generally breaks down into segments. Ordering and manufacturing all the components can be completed within 60-90 days, shipping to site is about 30-45 days, and our team is usually on site for 30-35 days. Of course, there are many variables which we cannot control, such as weather, but overall, those are the general guideline. 

We have however, shipped all of the goods to site recently, within 5 days of receiving the deposit! But then the constraint is you, the client, in terms of site readiness and preparedness. When a contract is signed, we provide a comprehensive set of civil drawings. When you complete the pouring of the concrete, we require 28 days to cure prior to the start of our installation, as we are drilling concrete and bonding various substrates to it. In many cases, our materials will be on site awaiting the completion of the “civil works.” 

Once our team of installation professionals arrive, they will reconcile the goods on site and the condition of the concrete, and if all is good, they will start on the construction of the FlowRider. Our team of installers have years of experience installing waves in the toughest climates in the world – from the frozen tundra of the Ukraine to the blazing, sizzling heat in the UAE – and they will make the installation experience an efficient and pleasant one. Our ultimate goal is your complete and total satisfaction!