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What are the FlowRider Warranty Details?

The warranty on FlowRider products varies little from product to product. The FlowRider product(s) warranty is as follows: 

a. Four (4) Year Warranty on Tensioned Ride Surface(s) where applicable 

b. Two (2) Year Warranty on all inflatable devices (ride surface, divider, etc.) where applicable 

c. Four (4) Year Warranty on all Stainless-Steel Main Structure(s) 

d. Two (2) Year Warranty on Pumps and Electrical Controls (pass-through from manufacturer) 

e. One (1) Year Warranty on Matting and foam and fabric Padding Systems 

To give you an example of the durability of our products, the steel will likely last longer than the days left on earth for me! We have steel works in service for 30 years now with no issues. Likewise, the pumps we use are the best money can buy and are complete workhorses. Most of the pumps sold with FlowRider’s are still being utilized effectively today – they do require some timely maintenance, but these pumps are meant to run 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They are workhorses! 

We continually work to provide you value for your attraction – it is our never-ending quest.