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What Are Flowboards Made of and What is the Difference Between Them?

It depends on which model you are interested in. There are currently three different construction type for Flowboards they are wood, carbon fiber, and machine molded. 

Wood Flowboards consist of wood core, resin, and EVA. Wood constructed boards tend to have more flex to them in comparison to the other types of constructed boards. The wood boards also tend to be a little bit heavier, and that added weight allows for the board to hold better on turns without spinning out. Wood boards are less expensive but require a bit more preventative maintenance as well.  

Graphite Flowboards consist of a combination of wood, carbon fiber, fiberglass cloth, resin and eva. Graphite boards are lighter in weight than the traditional wood flowboards. These boards tend to be a little bit more durable and require a little less maintenance. 

Outlaw branded boards are made from a machine mold, consisting of a foam and fiberglass core. Boards are machine finished before being imported from South Africa. We also have a carbon model (lighter weight and stronger core construction) available for those hard-core shredders.