Prices & Install Details

How Long Does the Installation Process Take?

The length of time to build a FlowRider (Double)– onsite specifically – is in the range of 30 days. This is utilizing two qualified installation technicians and given that the site conditions are in good shape, and weather isn’t an issue.  

From the time you place the order with a deposit, we can generally have the attraction in the ground and operating within 6 months – but much of this is in the client’s hands. We can move faster and complete an install, from deposit to commissioning, in under 90 days. The keys are communication between the project manager and the client, and site conditions that are on-schedule and within specification. This would include meeting or exceeding all payment milestones and fulfilling any other client responsibilities within the “scope of works” matrices. 

The concrete always needs at least 28 days to cure, and this is often a concern when the client is in a hurry. Concrete “outgasses” and because of this, it is unstable until fully cured. Once all preliminary work is done on site, we will send two highly trained installation technicians, whose only job is to deliver a quality FlowRider, on time, and within specification. These gentlemen communicate with the home office every day on the progress and any issues that may arise. They will also keep you, the client, informed on the progress and potential issues that need to be met from the client side. 

Once the attraction is completed, power is connected and the water is available, we will have a full day of training and orientation on the attraction. It is imperative that your “wave operators” are excited to be a part of this unique simulated surfing experience, and if they are experience riders, that is even better. The end goal is Patron safety and satisfaction. The only way for this to occur is with expert training and attention to detail given to every prospective rider. This will insure repeat visitation and the success of your venue.