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How Long Does a FlowRider Last?

When you consider how long a FlowRider can last, the Double makes a solid case as a great investment. Our very first installation, at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Texas, was built and commissioned in 1991. It is obviously well behind the latest technology curve, but it still operates on the original pumps! Just like regular maintenance helps a car stay on the road (without black exhaust or a great chance of breaking down!), regular maintenance for the FlowRider is crucial as well. Taking care of your asset should be a huge priority so your FlowRider will last as long as possible. From the commissioning of your wave and throughout its lifespan, we will guide you through that maintenance process. 

There are currently about 250 FlowRiders of various models operational today, and many of them are over the ten-year mark. Longevity, durability and reliability have been attributes we are focused on…that and delivering top-notch, first-rate service that will challenge any company in any industry.