Prices & Install Details

How Big Should My Site Be?

The annoying answer is “Well, it depends.”  

If you are trying to understand the footprint necessary to install just the attraction itself, that’s easy. We can walk you through the requirements for this. We would talk about the layout and space needed for the attraction itself (for a Double, we think 2,000 sq ft is great), the ceiling height (if your wave will be indoors), the space you need to set aside for an electrical room and a filtration room and the buffer room around the wave for proper patron flow and a non-wet zone spectator area.  

The other questions we will have for you to help us both conclude how big your site should be, will revolve around how big your budget is and what kind of place you envision?  

  • Is it a 100-person restaurant with indoor/outdoor versatility?  
  • Is it just a light fair with 5 draft beers on tap and seats for 40 people? 
  • Will there be a wrap-around viewing deck for more diners or perhaps a DJ booth or private party space?  
  • Is the FlowRider going to be one activity zone among many others within your venue?  
  • Do you envision a kick back, beachy vibe or more of an upscale lounge type of venue?  
  • Etc… 
Sample Venue Design

To circle back around – Depending on your overall vision and the square footage and your budget, the site could be anywhere from 8,000 sq ft (minimum for a Flow House type of venue with a FlowRider Double) to 50,000 sq ft (maybe you have 2 surf attractions!?). It all really depends.