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Do You Build a Deep Flow Stationary Wave System?

Otherwise known as a river wave, these types of systems are generally deep enough to allow a patron to ride them with a regular surfboard with fins (or skegs) on the bottom of it.  And while there are many companies that make these systems, so do we!  And, we like to think our system will be more efficient, and model the design target of the silky smooth Waimea River wave – which is the “KING” of laminar flow.

A good river wave will allow the seasoned surfer to improve on their skill set of turning “frontside and backside” as well as integrated some skateboard type tricks such as “ollies.”  For the newbie/beginner, it is an opportunity to get their “sea legs” under their feet, to get them to improve their skills in anticipation of riding a wave towards the shore, either in the ocean or in a Surf Pool!