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Can I Put a FlowRider in My Backyard?

Absolutely. You can do anything if you put your mind (and your money) to it! The smallest footprint attraction that we have is about $500,000 USD with about $150,000 of site works. The most popular attraction is the FlowRier Double. That price tag is $850,000 USD + $100,000-$200,000 depending on your site.  

If, for example, you wanted a FlowRider Double in your backyard you would need about 2,000 sq ft. The Double is about 30’x50’ itself and you will need a couple small rooms to house 1) the filtration system and 2) the electrical equipment. You also must be allowed by the city and or have permits to excavate as one of the first steps is digging a hole and filling it with concrete to certain specifications.  

Most homes have a standard 120v electrical hook up. Unless you already for some reason have a 380 to 460V, 3 PHASE, 50/60 Hz Power hook up at your home, you will need to hire an electrician to install this set up. 

Those are some of the main requirements when entertaining a backyard FlowRider installation, but there are other details and logistics that we can talk through if you have the money and you are serious about buying the coolest backyard toy on the market! Just give us a call – 619-241-2514