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Epic Waters Hosts Inaugural FlowaPalooza

This past weekend locals and visitors alike were able to participate in the first ever Flowapalooza at Epic Waters in Grand Prairie, TX.

Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Manager, started the planning process with the crew over there many months ago. The plan was to basically have a “normal” FLOW Tour contest, but up the ante a little bit. Well, the ante was upped! There were extra activities, extra competitors, extra sponsors, and extra prize money!

Between the regular waterpark guests, the competitors, the goat yoga (yup, it’s a thing), live music, and a some amazing Flow with the Pro sessions, there were people everywhere and there was something for everyone.

The FLOW Tour/special events like this is what keeps the sport of flowboarding alive. It keeps all of the FlowRiders around the world connected in a sense too. Once in the Flow Family, our team is dedicated to helping you activate, program, & market your wave for as long as it’s running. You can count on us for it all! We are so glad that Epic leaned on us this past weekend.

Check out a few photos from the event and also the prize winners from the most popular divisions.

A few competitors checking in & getting their swag bags


Practice session


A group of winners from the Youth division


Young shredder, Riley Yount, shows off his hardware. He took first in Youth Flowboarding & Youth Bodyboarding.


The whole crew! Adam Muller, the man that makes it all happen, right in the middle. PC: Calvin Hickerson


Women’s Pro Flowboard

  • Monica Caffrey
  • Lexi Barna-Kofoed
  • Katie Kavanaugh
  • Stephanie Lab


Women’s Bodyboard

  • Haley Balderrama
  • Sofia Kacmarcik
  • Cathy Seabert
  • Lily Henry


Men’s Pro Flowboard

  • Brad Spencer
  • Joel Stevens
  • Daniel Tarapchak
  • Scott Callens


Men’s Pro Bodyboard

  • Daniel Tarapchack
  • John Reese
  • Joel Stevens
  • Jeremy Marks