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Another YMCA in Canada Gets a FlowRider

The FlowRider was born into the waterpark, we like to say.  The first market that FlowRiders started appearing in after waterparks though is the municipal market. ATB Centre in Lethbridge (a.k.a. Cor Van Raay YMCA, a.k.a. YMCA of Lethbridge) is one of those places now.

Once the youngest members of any community center have learned the ABCs of swimming, what is next?  What’s next is that they have reached their tween and teenage years and become bored really rapidly and easily. In order to hold their attention (or even get them to join the family), community centers around the world are adding more engaging, challenging and cool amenities and programs.

Rob Chalfant, our Materials and Operations Manger that occasionally puts his Staff Trainer hat on, trained their staff on the FlowRider Single in April. Almost 8 weeks later, they are beaming with confidence and have plenty of new skills on the wave. They will all be prepared to keep their summer guests super safe and happy!

Welcome to the Flow Family, YMCA of Lethbridge!