An Afternoon with Children’s Cancer Center on the FlowRider Edge, the Backyard Surf Simulator

Nothing quite warms our souls like when a FlowRider® helps with an incredible cause. So when we learned about the work that Amadea and Vinny Minutolo, owners of the very first FlowRider Edge, did over the past weekend with the Children’s Cancer Center, we had to give them a call to learn more about how they use their backyard surf simulator to make an impact.

For Amadea and Vinny, helping to improve the lives of children diagnosed with or in recovery from cancer is a cause near and dear to their hearts. Amadea volunteers a lot of her time with the Children’s Cancer Center, and she says there’s nothing else like it in the Tampa, Florida area.

She notes that the center is not a hospital. It’s a non-profit dedicated to helping children and families cope with cancer and blood disorders by providing emotional, financial, and educational support. They currently have 29 different support programs to help families and children of all ages with Art Therapy, Family Camps, Big Buddy programs, and many more. Check out the full list of programs here.

Through Amadea and Vinny’s work with the center, they learned that many of these children struggle to afford college upon graduating high school. That’s why they set up the ‘Flow House Scholarship’ through the Children’s Cancer Center, and they awarded three amazing kids who survived cancer with a scholarship to help pay for college. The winners also received a free flowboarding lesson on their FlowRider Edge backyard surf simulator with 6x flowboarding World Champion Sean Silvera.

Amadea mentioned that the lesson didn’t exactly go as planned: one of the girls who won was too nervous to ride the FlowRider, so she didn’t bring a bathing suit. As she watched everyone have an absolute blast on the surf simulator, Amadea could tell the girl was having some serious FOMO and loaned her a bathing suit in her size. The girl was completely stoked once she faced her fears and conquered the wave!

“We’ll do anything to take their minds of what they’re going through or have been through. They had so much fun on the FlowRider, and it really shows them what they are capable of and is a big confidence boost,” says Amadea.

When we installed the very first FlowRider Edge backyard surf simulator, we were unaware of the amazing philanthropic uses the Minutolos would eventually put it to. The FlowRider is known for bringing fun into the lives of anyone who rides it, and we’re thrilled that this couple is able to spread joy to the lives of those who truly need it.

To learn more and donate to the Children’s Cancer Center, visit