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A Royal Retrofit for Royal Caribbean

You are likely aware that Royal Caribbean International has FlowRiders on some of their cruise ships.  The images and videos of guests flowboarding on the back of a cruise ship are amazing.  The cruise line decided long ago to make FlowRider a key partner and that the sport of flowboarding would be a signature attraction within their fleet.

What started in 2006 on Freedom of the Seas® has continued on with the addition of 19 more FlowRiders on Royal’s fleet!

Fast forward even more to a $90 million makeover has taken place on the Mariner of the Seas® and is now the next ship to sail with a FlowRider onboard.  This vessel is meant to give adventurous travelers an option to “amp up their weekend.”  Mariner will offer 3- and 4-night options to the Bahamas.  With new racing waterslides, an escape room on the top deck, enhanced nightlife options and wonderful dining options, it’s bound to be a popular sail.

“At Royal Caribbean, we believe in the constant pursuit of adventure, and that every weekend is an opportunity to experience something new, and live life to its fullest,” said Michael Bayley, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean International.  “With the new Mariner of the Seas we invite travelers to weekend like they really mean it and make the most of a quick getaway than they even thought was possible.” (

The sense of adventure with which Bayley leads this company is contagious and we love it!  The people they continue to attract with all of their strategic marketing (complete with some of the awesome & aforementioned FlowRider shots, we might add) and now their very much so calculated refurb are just the type of end users that gravitate towards FlowRider surf simulators around the entire world.

From the start of our partnership with Royal Caribbean, there has been a true synergy and excitement.  Aside from that, there has been revenue, success and obviously multiple FlowRider units specified into project, or like in the case of the Mariner, retrofitted to include one (or two!).  Do you think a company like Royal Caribbean would buy a product 20 times over if it wasn’t an alluring, revenue-driving, fun machine?  Nope, they wouldn’t.