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UPDATE: FlowRider 2020 FLOW Events

Just a few months ago in February, the FlowRider and WhiteWater teams were thrilled to announce this year’s FLOW Tour Competition schedule. As we all know though, due to COVID-19 things quickly shifted shortly thereafter and we were forced to either postpone, reschedule or cancel many FLOW Tour events. Below is a quick summary of our new outlook, plan and updated schedule for 2020 FLOW events.

Considering that a true sporting tour requires ample time, competitions, competitors at said competitions, and for athletes to accrue points and placement to achieve their overall goals of being a Tour Champion, a National Champion, and/or even a World Champion, all remaining competitions this year will not be considered “traditional” FLOW Tour Events. What this means is that for the remaining 2020 Flow Events there will be no point accumulation, therefore no National or World Flowboarding Championship events.

With the cancellations thus far and the uncertainty about whether or not the ones we are trying to move forward with will happen or not, we simply can’t facilitate a true, fair or traditional tour. Additionally, ever-changing travel restrictions still presents a potential hurdle for all parties. Another major hurdle is facing our venue partners; the extra strain and stress on individual venues to host large gatherings/events is high, so we have to keep that in mind as well. What we have come up with is a tentative schedule of events where our community can still come together to do what we all love the most – flowboarding!

As with most things these days, all these events and even some event details are subject to change and/or cancellation. We also need to expect that these competitions will be very different than all past FLOW Tour events. Each state, each county, each venue will have different protocols in place, so for example, things like sharing jerseys or approaching the judge’s tent will not be permitted. Trust that details about each event will be presented clearly in Events on the Flowboarders Facebook page as each event approaches. Details will include things like the daily event schedule, prize purse, and specific safety protocols for that particular venue.

Tentative Schedule of Events:

07.18.20 / H2OBX – *Cash Prize*
07.25.20 / Waterville – *Cash Prize*
08.08-09.20 / Flowapalooza by Epic Waters *Cash Prize*
08.22.20 / The Cove
08.23.20 / Drop Zone
Date TBD / Hyatt Hill – *Cash Prize*
11.06-11.08.20 / Epic Waters 2020 Invitational *Cash Prize*


Our main goals are to stay positive, stay responsible, and to do everything in our power to keep the riders, venues, spectators, judges, and family members safe during these trying times. Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the Coronavirus and we would like to thank all Flowboarders, venues, and fans for their continued support during this challenging time.