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WhiteWater West and Life Floor Partner Up

Back in June, our Canadian parent company, WhiteWater West Industries, entered into an exclusive agreement with a company called Life Floor.  What does this mean for FlowRider, Inc.?  A lot! Let me explain.

We can all agree that a lot of the general greatness and fun of water parks comes from the water itself.  We can also agree that most of the not-so-fun parts of waterparks can be because of the water too (i.e. slippery surface = slip ‘n’ fall).  Slips and falls will happen; it’s just a fact of life.  But Minneapolis-based company Life Floor, makes a one-of-a-kind product to dramatically cut down on those slippery incidents – slip-resistant flooring!

“The partnership further confirms WhiteWater’s designs and product offerings as the safest in the industry,” commented WhiteWater’s President and CEO, Geoff Chutter. 

WhiteWater is the largest supplier of water park equipment in the world.  FlowRider, Inc. has installed hundreds of surf machines in water parks, hotels, municipal aquatic centers, on cruise ships and in stand alone settings, so we needed to know more about Life Floor.  The thought was that if Life Floor could help make every project with which we were involved a better, less slippery installation, then we needed to have a chat with them.  And that we did!  Moving forward any WhiteWater and/or FlowRider project design may include Life Floor in some form or another.

The ideal application for our direct FlowRider clients are the walkways and the surrounding spectator area.  With spray from advanced riders and wet feet everywhere, the area surrounding the FlowRider is 100% wet 100% of the time.  So the two key elements of their flooring, traction and cushioning, seamlessly creates a play-at-full-speed zone around the attraction.   These same slip-free tiles also provide needed padding in areas that client tend to bounce their boards off the ground, hence saving on wear and tear of flowboards and bodyboards everywhere!

Life Floor installation around the FlowRider® at Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, CA.


Life Floor’s closed-cell construction inhibits the growth of microbes, it’s virtually impossible to stain, it’s more resistant to chlorine and UV exposure than other rubber composite products on the market, making Life Floor not just a safety choice, but an economical one as well.  It is also available in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to put a custom print in certain areas of your Life Floor install.

Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, CA installed Life Floor around the FlowRider and had such a great reduction in slip ‘n’ fall incidents, they went to the extreme and installed 14,000+ sq feet of Life Floor throughout their whole water park!  Smartest move ever!

We are all aboard the safety train & so is the team at Life Floor, so with this perfect match the ideas and possibilities are flowing!  We look forward to many safe and beautiful projects together with Life Floor.