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Wave Check In: Hard Rock Hotel Dominican Republic

The famous hotel chain, Hard Rock Hotel, added a FlowRider® Double to their property in the Dominican Republic recently. Now guests can snorkel, gamble, lounge, eat, read, golf and flowboard – all in one day if they want!

Having this type of amenity on-property completes what we like to call the “Hotel Family Formula.” Every family is comprised of people that are of different ages, different personalities, and that have different activity preferences, right? The person in the family that most likely has the strongest opinions about, well, everything is the teen. Since the main age demographic for the FlowRider is 13-19 years old, this attraction is like a magnet to those teens “stuck” on a family vacation. They are over hanging out with the younger kids at the kiddie pool and they don’t want to linger around the swim up bar with a bunch of adults acting “weird” – they just want to ride. So the next time a teenager or teenagers in a family are presented with a couple hotel options with one having a cool amenity like a FlowRider and one that just has a cool pool complex, guess which way they will sway?



This property is also harnessing the power of congruent partnership and sponsorship. Quicksilver Caribbean and Bavaro Surf are both are basically co-sponsors of any event that happens around the wave. And Quicksilver brand is the stated, preferred surf brand sold on-property. Everybody wins!

Guests can book sessions everyday from 9:00 am to 5:30 am. There are plenty of FlowRider, Inc-trained wave operators to help you if you are first-time flowboarder. If a guest does not want to actually get on the wave, float around in one of nearby cabanas are the adjacent pool is still an amazing option.