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Shaun Hancock, Manager FlowRider Utah

Periodically we will “Spotlight” a person in our FlowRider® Community that has helped us get to where we are today.

This inaugural FlowRider Spotlight is all about Shaun Hancock, Manager of the Salomon Center in Ogden, Utah, USA.

Shaun was born in in 1969 (which was a very good year for surf!) in Ogden, Utah, and seemingly has never left.  With a bachelor’s degree in Sales Management from Weber State, Shaun helped open the FlowRider at the Salomon Center in 2007.  The center is basically an extreme family entertainment center, with an iFly and iRock, as well as a fun zone.  I first met Shaun in 2008 at a FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) Tour event in San Diego, as he has always been a huge supporter of the sport.  I was impressed with his passion and engagement, and could understand immediately why he is universally loved within the community.

The most important things in Shaun’s life are his family – wife Brandy (happy 25th this year!!), his children Bralee and Xandon, and his friends.  His mantra is “I will take experiences over things every time.”  Those that know him would certainly agree, and would agree with his assessment of the dreaded 4-letter word…..W-O-R-K.

Shaun with his beautiful family.


“My favorite thing about my job is meeting new people every day. They say that if you do something that you love for a career that you will never work a day in your life – my job is living proof of that. I can’t wait to get to work after being away for a day or two. I am a 49 year old kid that refuses to grow up. Age is only a number and I am going to prove that throughout my life.”

Incredibly, Shaun speaks for many of us in this industry, including myself (and hopefully others in our office?), and the “age is only a number” part!  Shaun is a true believer in people – of always trying to find the good in people.  If you spend any time with him, you will quickly agree.

Shaun sharing the stoke with the community through a local news channel


With Shaun’s guidance, the Salomon Center hosted the FLOW Tour Nationals – the season- ending event, just 2 months after opening the venue.  Shaun fell in love with the sport, the lifestyle, and the people involved.  His support of the FLOW Tour has lead to him traveling all across the country to FLOW competitions, making lifelong friends along the way. The Salomon Center just recently hosted a FLOW Tour Prime event for the 13th year in a row, and Shaun always makes sure that the venue puts its best foot forward.  They have also hosted the National Championships 3 times and Worlds once, in 2012.  And, what is the secret to their operational success?

Shaun competing in a FLOW Tour event in 2014 at Drop Zone Waterpark.


Shaun says, “…the secret to running a successful FlowRider venue is having the passion and sharing it with as many people as you can. The FlowRider is a skill-based attraction, and I believe that success no matter how big or small is the reason people will come back. If new riders struggle to stay on the wave and fail over and over again, they won’t want to keep trying but if we can teach them just a few things each time, they will keep wanting to get better. That’s why I encourage all of my instructors to ride the FlowRider a couple of times a week and also part of the training is teaching them how to do all of the basic tricks so they can teach it to our beloved patrons!”

Sounds like a great place to work…….. Can I have that job in my next life?

Shaun, thanks for all of your efforts in our little community.  They are much appreciated by all of us!!