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Salute Our Troops! Pro Flowboarders visit Center For Intrepid, San Antonio, Texas

Salute Our Troops! Pro Flowboarders visit Center For Intrepid, San Antonio, Texas

The Center for Intrepid (CFI), created for service members who have been wounded in operations, was established in 2007.  Located in San Antonio, Texas, it offers an opportunity for military personnel to receive care and treatment that is second to none.

The 84,000 sq. ft., $40 million dollar rehabilitation center provides top notch facilities that were specifically designed to treat amputees, burn and wounded military victims who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan battles.  The venue and its qualified staff assist veterans with the use of prosthetic limbs and other techniques for regaining strength to preform day to day tasks before returning to society.

CFI features the popular FlowRider® wave simulator that is used daily for aquatic therapies and treatment, and provides an exciting and fun way to work on patients’ balance and core body training.

As Pro Flowboarders and competitors traveled to Texas to compete on the Hyatt Hill Resort and Spa FlowRider for the first event on the North American FLOW Tour, it provided a great opportunity for a few selected individuals and Pro Athletes to give back to the community as they conducted ride demonstrations and offered personal lessons to participating patient’s onsite.

Sean Silveira, 4x World Flowboarding Champion, was one of the select riders who were invited out to CFI to ride the wave with military personnel.

“This was an amazing experience, my mind was blown by the strength and determination these individuals had to ride the wave and physically control the water under the board,” said Silveira.

Major Carrie Hoppes is the on-site FlowRider Manager.  Her coordination before the event was so helpful and paramount, really.  Pro riders were able to demonstrated tricks and showcase their skills along with providing training techniques and riding assistance.

“Major Hoppes tied some of the pro riders’ arms and legs at one point.  I think it really helped some of our pro riders understand what it would feel like to only have one leg or arm.  To say the least, we were all very impressed with how quickly everyone progressed,” mentioned Adam Muller, FLOW Events and Sport Marketing Coordinator for FlowRider, Inc.

“We are fully aware that our access to the facility was special, so we were more than excited and honored to be there,” Muller added.

“It was really awesome to have the group of experienced riders on site and I believe it was very beneficial for our patients to learn proper techniques and riding styles on the FlowRider. Some even learned new tricks,” explained Major Hoppes.

“It also provided strong motivation for patients, one in particular, who hasn’t walked in 3 years.  This individual was determined to watch these riders perform and managed to get down 3 flights of stairs and make an appearance to see the world’s best.  It was a very emotional and promising moment that totally justifies what we are all doing here,” said Hoppes.

After riding the wave for several hours with the troops, the favor was returned with a private tour of the state of the art facilities.

The venue is also home to first of its kind technologies that are all incorporated in one building to deliver the best treatment for our nation’s defenders.  Along with a next generation gait laboratory, a 300° Computer-Assisted Rehabilitation Environment, state of the art prosthetic limbs and fabrication laboratory, virtual reality, and robotics and simulator technologies.

Athletes had the chance to test their strength, balance, aiming and combat skills with lead therapist and training officers as they explored the venue.  The venue is truly a place where soldiers can be treated, progress daily and be supported for their efforts.  It’s a true testament that as a nation that we stand together and support those who risk their lives for our freedom.

We can only hope for an invite back as it is a humbling experience for all of those lucky enough to be involved. Special thanks to the CFI and Hyatt Hill Resort staff for their assistance in coordinating the visit, we look forward to doing it again!

See ya on the wave!

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