FlowRider Spotlight

Remembering Chris Childers: One Person’s Impact on a Global Community

Leaving your mark on the world looks a little different for everyone. For Chis Childers, his impact came in the form of revolutionizing the sport of flowboarding. Known in the community for his fearlessness on the iconic FlowBarrel and for being an exceptional person on and off the wave, we are incredibly saddened by the news of Chris’s passing and want to remember the legacy that he left our community.

For Chris, changing his community for the better consisted of building up those around him, while also pushing limits and daring to go where no else had before. Our hope is that by sharing this small piece of Chris’s epic story, others can understand his legendary impact on our tight-knit flow family and how he shaped the future of our sport.

Below is a part of Chris’s story, told in the form of testimonials by some of his closest friends in the flowboarding community.

Chris was definitely one of my favorite people to watch on the barrel. He sent it big every time whether it was a contest or just riding with friends. It’s hard enough to podium in either discipline, but Chris was one of the very few that excelled at both stand up and bodyboarding. Not only was he an extremely gifted rider but he was an all-around great human. The expression – “he’d give the shirt off his back” applies to Chris. I’m super grateful to have had the chance to call him a friend. He’s a legend in this sport and will be sorely missed.

-Jessica Fassett

There are only a few people that come to mind in the sport of flowboarding who pushed the limits of what was capable on the FlowBarrel, Chris was one of those legends. He rode with a tenacity and fearlessness that few came close to. I will always remember the smile on his face from the golden days of Wave House San Diego and I am lucky to call him a friend. I hope you are riding with all the barrels of the past.

-Josh Ornelaz

Chris Childers was one of the most talented flow barrel riders I had the pleasure to rip with over the years. I’m so glad I knew him, got to travel the world with him, and represent our country with him! I will never forget Childers. May he rest in peace.

-Sean Silveira

“Get air, go fast, take chances”. That’s the kind of hype Chris brought. I was a lifeguard at the Wavehouse, pumped to be watching him and the crew throw down when he came up asking if I wanted to grab pizza and hit the OB skatepark. From there blossomed our fun-filled and action packed friendship. Thanks for the continuous stoke. Ride in peace my dude.

-Nick Moyal

Chris was a true legend in the sport. From the first time I saw him ride the wave he was a natural. I have plenty of great memories of us traveling the world and having some crazy adventures! He had more adventures in his short life than most people do in their entire life. I will always cherish the memories of traveling the world with him! He will be missed!

-Eric Silverman

Chris was an absolute legend and anyone that knew him would agree. His fearless attack approach to shredding the Bmax was unforgettable and made him represent the pinnacle of the sport. He would ride with a noticeable tenacity that inspired others to push their own limits. Even off the wave he had an infectious energy that was so genuine and kind. Chris was an exceptional individual and left an enduring mark on all of us fortunate enough to know him. He will forever be missed.

-Jeff Ranta

When Chris was riding, you knew you were going to be entertained. He had so much energy, style, and went noticeably bigger than anyone else. Whether it was bodyboarding at WaveHouse or getting barrels at big breaks in the ocean, he was always having fun and loved the sport. I never understood how someone could take the impacts he took, but he would just keep on riding and making the crowds jaw drop. He is a legend for what he did out there. Forever part of the flowboarding community and family. RIP Brotha!

-Derek Zemen

Chris was an inspiration to many. He always pushed it to limits, never held anything back, and left everything he had on the wave whether he was competing or just hanging riding for fun. He was loved by many and respected by all. May he rest in peace and charge barrels in heaven.

-Jake Fassett

As you can tell, Chris was an amazing individual that touched so many lives around the world. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends. We are truly honored to have known Chris and watch him make the impact he did within our community.