Grand Opening


I’ll start by saying – We LOVE what we do!

From leads to sales, logistics to completing a new build, everything in between contributes to the unique story every FlowRider has. This project, just like every other project, is special in its own way. Joel Stevens began riding FlowRiders when he was only 11 and our team has watched him grow within the flowboarding community to become one of the top riders in the world. Even though he is not new to the FlowRider team, we are very excited to welcome him to the global installation team and we couldn’t be happier to see him step into his new role. Guided by a senior member of the installation team, JP O’Brien, Joel’s first build was a complete success and I can confidently say it’s one of the prettiest waves in the world. Our team’s top-notch craftsmanship produced a wave that rides just as well as it looks.

This specific wave also happens to be the first FlowRider 3.0, which includes an elevated rear deck! Thanks to our dedicated engineering team, who are always looking for ways to improve the safety of our machines, the elevated rear deck, coupled with our newly fine tuned Max Recovery System, allows the flow of water to drain quicker than ever. With all the hard work aside, there are two other individuals that deserve the most credit for bringing this wave to life. First, Kirk Hanna, the proud owner of the NEWEST FlowRider, welcomed our team to North Myrtle Beach with open arms and was an invaluable resource if we needed anything. Lastly, the man behind the scenes, Jake Fassett. Jake has worn many hats in the FLOW world, but we want to congratulate him on stepping into his new role of Project Manager. Another invaluable team member, his work ethic is unmatched. As a friend and colleague, we want to thank you for your dedication to bringing this project to life.

Hands down, the best day on any new project is seeing that wave turn on for the first time, and since it was Joel’s first wave, he had to be the first one on. Not only was he the first one to ride, we challenged him to jump on and do a 360 flip with ZERO warmup. In short, he delivered and it showed by all the smiles, “We love what we do!” It was a full team effort to bring the newest FlowRider Double to NMB RV Resort. Make sure to check out their website at and book your stay with them.

Every FlowRider job, whether it is a new installation or a refurbishment of an older ride, we are so lucky to meet and work with some amazing people around the world.

Josh Ornelaz