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New FlowRiders Flowing in the Middle East

Desert Delivery – Comin’ Right Up! 

FlowRider recently delivered 4 (quattro, quatre…FOUR!) brand new, beautiful FlowRiders to the Middle East.  We knew that part of the world was hungry for perfect waves, but not this hungry. And there are even more teed up!

“There is a growing trend for (FlowRider) waves in the Middle East with many realising a surfing culture is not a prerequisite for guests to enjoy the FlowRider experience,”  says Mike Rigby, FlowRider Sales Representative based in Dubai.  “Whilst some may be apprehensive at first, as more and more FlowRider’s pop up in the region, the brand awareness is growing and it is proving a huge revenue generator for waterparks, resorts and standalone Flow House venues.”

Flow House Kuwait

The newest addition to the Flow House Family is Flow House Kuwait.  Flow House Kuwait basically one-upped everyone and installed 3 different FlowRiders at their venue.  Potentially there could be 5 flowboarders shredding simultaneously across all the different rides.  Maybe someone in Kuwait will soon find their calling to become the world’s first Synchronized Flowboarding Choreographer.

Some of the other amenities and cool additions here are a Ruby Tuesdays, Clear Lounge® Oxygen Bar and 36 super beachy ride-side cabins that are available for reservation.  The grand opening event is scheduled for next month sometime.  Check out (and LIKE!) their Facebook page to stay tuned!

The Other Spot

Aaaaaannnndddd then there’s The Other Spot.  We can’t tell you where it is just yet though.  King’s orders!  Literally.  What we can tell you though is that there is no place like this on planet earth. This pristine island gives visitors 360° all day long, everyday.  The FlowRider sits only yards away from the gulf waters and of course there are also a few clusters of quintessential palm trees swaying back and forth.