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Korean Mall Adds a Brand New FlowRider® Double

Add Yongin, Korea to the list of cities with a FlowRider® Double at their city center!  It’s called Flow House Yongin and the placement of this wave is perfect in so many ways.

First of all, it is at the main entrance of a brand new mall. Secondly, the main entrance is basically one big window and faces a bustling street with a ton of foot traffic. Talk about eye-catching!

With the semi-recent shift in mall design worldwide “flip flopping” from ~70% stores, ~30% F&B/entertainment to 70% F&B/entertainment, 30% stores, embedding experiential elements in your mall is the only way to go. The FlowRider is the entertainment, it is the activation that is constantly activated.

As we welcome yet another team of FlowRider lovers to the Flow Family, here are a few facts about Flow House Yongin:

  • 1st FlowRider in a mall in Korea
  • 2nd Flow House in Korea
  • 6th Flow House in Asia
  • 2nd Flow House to open in Asia in the last two months
  • Operated by the same team that operates Flow House Seoul (developer of the 1st Flow House in Korea)
  • The attraction is actually owned by Lotte World, one of the largest development companies in the world; they own and operate many malls all over Asia but primarily in Korea

We are confident that this venue will stay busy with DJs, contests, frequent ride specials, and an exemplary staff. If you find yourself in Yongin, go check it out.  If you have questions about putting a FlowRider in your mall or a development on which you are working, please contact us. We always look forward to hearing about your visions and ideas.