Hopping good times at Surf Boca for Easter weekend

If you have ever given a FlowRider® a try, you know that it’s really fun and really addicting.  You may also know that flowboarders make flowboarding look so easy!

Flowboarders live for competitions where they can perform their best tricks in front of enthusiastic crowds full of friends, families and of course, judges.  Imagine all the music, cheering and bustle of a flowboarding event all around you when you’re riding!?  These top notch riders do have hours and hours of practice under their belts, but this is still a challenging and sometimes nerve-racking situation for them.

Over Easter weekend, Boca Raton Resort & Club opened up their FlowRider Double to hotel guests, spectators and club members so they too could have the opportunity to feel that same type of excitement and nervousness.  With over 3,000 club members, the resort as a lot to offer. Their first annual FlowRider Expo event packed in a ton of guest-entertaining activities and was a total hit!

“It was an AMAZING turnout of participants and riders; they wanted to give a shout out to the Flow House team, and everyone involved for putting together this great event!” explained Jackie Biro, Resort Director of Operations.

Xana Nash, Three-time World Flowboarding Champion and Joel Stevens, 2015 US FLOW Tour Jr. Bodyboard Champion, were onsite all day for this special event.  They performed trick demonstrations, helped participants learn to ride and in turn, improved their own skills on the wave!  Xana and Joel were awesome enough to serve as two guest judges for the official FlowRider competition.

It was an outstanding event, being our first, the information and personnel provided by FlowRider was essential. Can’t thank their team enough. We are pleased and send our gratitude to the FlowRider team” mentions Richard Marin, FlowRider and Pool Operations Manager. 

Competitors, mostly novice or first-time riders, eagerly signed up and lined up to ride the FlowRider.  Cool prizes from were awarded to those that the judges thought had the best tricks and best style of riding.

In the best trick category, Jarret took First Place with 23.6 points out of 30 and won himself a brand new flowboard! Following him in Second was Ian (22.5 points) and in Third was Justin (21.8 points).

The most stylish rider, Paul, racked up 23.1 points for his riding and also took home his very own flowboard!  Second and Third Place finishers, Jonathan (21.5 points) and Julia (20.4 points), also scored some cool prizes and some serious bragging rights!

If you and your friends or family are looking for a five-star getaway, Boca Raton Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, offers luxury with an edge.  On this gorgeous property, there is never a shortage of activities for the whole family; guests are bound to be outdoors (most likely at the FlowRider) and at the end of the day, the entire family will be tuckered and happy!  There are also outstanding dining options, private/customized events and weddings.  Check out their website and correlated social media channels to stay posted on what exciting events are next!