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Grand Turk Cruise Center Gets Upgrade (MAX + Ride Surface)

FlowRider® Services Manager, Zak Tolli, has been busy and will be busy getting FlowRider venues across the world ready for Summer 2020! Grand Turk Cruise Center was on that list a few months back and now it’s go time for their FlowRider’s new and improved “summer body” to see the light!

The first thing that was changed out was their tensioned ride surface. After 6 years of heavy use and environmental elements, it was time. The majority of FlowRider Doubles in the world have our newer technology which basically outfits the ride with a surface that can be described as a super taut trampoline. So now not only will the Grand Turk surface look great, it will have a nice new flex for those oh-so-fun wipeouts!

Speaking of wipe outs, the Cruise Center also upgraded their recovery areas. Instead of regular matting across the back and in the front of the ride, they will now have FlowRider’s Max Recovery System.