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FlowRider® Sheet Waves Keep Waterparks Fresh

We like to say that the FlowRider® was born into the waterpark market.  The first FlowRider installation was in 1991 at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX (still running on the same pumps to this day, by the way).  The early 90s is when waterparks in general started to get more creative, they started to get more competitive with each other.  Fast forward to 2018, it’s commonplace for waterpark designers, owners and/or developers to include a FlowRider surf simulator in their plans.

Waterparks are continuously revamping and energizing their attractions mix.  Differentiation is obviously a big reason for that, but with that built-in differentiation, the FlowRider brings a lot more value once it’s inside your gates!

First, there is the Food & Beverage opportunity.  When the FlowRider is situated near concessions, those sales increase exponentially.  Typically for each person riding the wave, there are 2-3 people with them.  They will either ride or just sit and watch the show with food or drink in-hand.

This attraction brings in the teens.  Guess who the biggest decision makers are in every family when it comes to which car to purchase or what to do on the weekends or holidays?  Teens!  When the teen finds out that there are awesome slides AND a FlowRider at their closest waterpark, the whole family is going.  And, by the way, flowboarding is not just for the kids or young adults.  The entire family can experience the thrill of surfing.  There are only height restrictions for riders, so for the most part, everybody in the family can hop on a FlowRider!

The competition circuit is another major bonus too.  Kids, teens and adults get hooked on the sport and want to show off their skills.  As a park owner you can offer season passes for those folks out there that just want to come ride the FlowRider to polish their skills.  And on top of that you can contact us here at FlowRider, Inc. about hosting a FLOW Tour event.  These events usually have 40-50 competitors in all divisions, can attract local and nationwide sponsors and are a whole lot of fun!  The more foot traffic, the better for your bottom line!

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