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FlowRider Presents Breakthrough Technology

The latest product innovation from FlowRider in is a break through technology that will allow us to the put the mobile market on its’ ear.

We put a new spin on one of the oldest elements on the planet…air!  Air is everywhere.  We live in it, we breathe it, and now it has found its’ way right inside the greatest simulated surfing experience on the planet  – the FlowRider®.

Breakthroughs with respect to inflatable devices have been occurring in all markets. The sports, recreation, military and lifesaving industries have all found a way to “pump” up there new product offerings, but we do things with a slightly different spin (it must be the air!).  We’ve gone above, over and beyond by combining  resources to produce the latest in our emerging line in the mobile simulated surfing technology market – whew!

This new FlowRider is a carving riders dream.  The new patent pending ride surface is inflatable as well and has plenty of give to push the limits of rip-ability.  As an owner, we have a product you can set up and move in a matter of days.  Have a seasonal venue? Would you like to have a wave at all of your parks over a period of time?  Do you just want to rent the wave for a certain period of time? Or longer?  The is the product that solves these questions and more.

At FlowRider we our constantly pushing the limits to bring new and innovative technologies and the associated products to our customers. Customers of the past, present, and future. The newest FlowRider Mobile expands the capabilities of you our customer.  Look past what is normal and consider the game changers at FlowRider Inc.  Constantly in the pursuit of differentiation, we seek to find “waves” that are challenging to ride and challenging to believe.

To fully understand our product, come to CityScape Phoenix for a test drive. Blow it up (with air), fill it up (with water) and it’ll blow your mind!