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FlowRider North American FlowTour 2014 to shred Maeva Surf Canada

FlowTour 2014 crossing the border to shred Maeva Surf FlowRider Canada


The FLOW Tour is an international competition series with events taking place in the United States, Europe and Asia featuring the best flowboarders on the planet. Up until this year, the FlowRider United States series was labeled as the US FLOW Tour but is now branded as the North America FLOW Tour as the rider base, competitive interest and commitment to the sport across the Canadian border continues to increase rapidly. Maeva Surf, located in Laval, is a respected venue in terms of experience riders, venue quality and provides a great staff that has been an ambassador for the sport in Canada. “We are excited every year to host the FLOW Tour event and we look forward to continuing to grow the sport and progress the level of riding in our area!” mentioned Jean-Francois Desrochers, owner of Maeva Surf, in a recent phone conversation with Tour Coordinators.

In recent years, the FLOW Tour has made efforts to schedule events with multiple stops in several regions of the country to provide convenient travel plans and value for traveling competitors. Jay Peak Resort & Waterpark, Vermont was the main venue that linked the events north of the border. This year, due to a series of unfortunate events and a rough transition process from winter to summer the venue has made a last minute decision to pull out of the Tour this year.

With a tight time frame and no thoughts of cancelling their event, Maeva Surf stepped up to the plate and offered to host two events at their venue for the FLOW Tour competitors to battle it out and showcase their skills on their FlowRider. As an additional incentive, FLOW Tour coordinator, Adam Muller, is offering up additional FLOW Tour points for competitors entering the Maeva Surf events. “The thought behind offering an additional set of points was to cater to competitors across the board and help create more incentives to travel across the border” said Muller. “Also, we want to insure participation and support for Maeva, and didn’t want to take away opportunities for riders to gain points because we had one less event on the schedule.”

The top 6 results from the season are what determine riders overall ranking, and if riders attend the Maeva Surf competitions they will have the option of inserting the additional set of points for an event they could not attend or have a poor result they want to throw out- a win-win-win for all parties involved.

Maeva Surf events are scheduled for July 20th and 22nd and have an action packed weekend lined up and ready to go as they are known for laying out the red carpet, offering up loads of prizes and throwing action packed events. “I’m stoked to compete at Maeva Surf, it’s a great wave and there are a lot of good riders!” Chuck Wright (Pro Flowboarder) explained. In addition, “I think a lot of the riders are going to be stoked on the opportunity for an extra set of points and look forward to a fun weekend in Canada!” Wright mentioned.

Grab your passports, pack up the flow gear and we will see you on the wave! Sounds good, eh!?