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FlowRider Innovation Through The Decades: A Rich Wave Portfolio

While industry-leading innovation doesn’t come easy, it certainly helps when you have a team full of life-long surfers looking to share their passion with others. Over our thirty year history, we (Tom Lochtefeld, Wave Loch and FlowRider) have developed and launched nearly 15 unique products. Each of these waves has had their own notable impact on our journey. 

While FlowRider officially made its debut in the early 90’s, the staple FlowRider products we know and love today, came at the start of the new millennium. Dive in with us as we take a look at the last 20+ years of FlowRider innovation. 

If you would like to read an even more detailed blog about the complete history of FlowRider, we have one here! 

2000 – 2006: Where it All Began

The early 2000’s arguably witnessed the creation of our most classic waves. To date, the FlowRider Double still remains our most popular wave! For many who have fallen in love with flowboarding, it started with riding one of our custom FlowRider Wave In a Boxes, built for Royal Caribbean’s entire fleet of ships. These three waves built the foundation of our future.

2007 – 2015: The Bigger, The Better

If we were going to use the word iconic to describe three of our waves, it’d be these ones. From the biggest ride surface we’ve ever offered with the WaveOz™, to the legend of the FlowBarrel® Ten. This was an era of believing the bigger, the better and sometimes it is.

*The original FlowBarrel made its first appearance in 1999. The first permanent FlowBarrel was installed in 2007.

2019 – 2020: Classic Waves Reimagined

From backyards to mini-barrels, this era introduced a redefined vision of some of our most classic waves. We figured out what people love, and we doubled down on it by innovating more spectacular waves with new features and technology.

2022 – 2023: A New Age for Waves

The stationary wave system industry has rapidly evolved over the last few years. From sheet-waves to deep-flow waves, the industry is packed with new and exciting concepts. In 2022 we launched our first ever deep-flow wave, FlowSurf™. Sheet-waves are here to stay however, as summer 2023 will see our first ever floating sheet-wave, the FlowRider Island.

Future Innovation in Surf

This is just the beginning for the newest generation of waves coming to market. We couldn’t be more stoked for the future of surfing and the growing role we will continue to play in it. Looking to ride the wave of FlowRider into the future of surfing? Contact our team here: