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FlowRider Flies to Mexico’s Moon Palace

In the sleepy little slice of heaven known as Cancun, there is a “flowvalution” occurring. It is a vacation destination becoming known for the proliferation of FlowRider® surfing machines.

One such surfing simulator is located on the beautiful property of a wonderful account our ours – Moon Palace. Recently they requested some refurbishment work for their FlowRider, so we went into action. They described to us their experience with another company that had “refurbished” their beautiful wave and how disappointed they were with it.

Never fear Mi Amigos, we will bring the luster back to your “flow!” And that is just what we did.  As you can see from the before and after imagery, it is very important that you let the experts in the field take care of your needs, otherwise your FlowRider’s appearance will more than likely suffer.  With our expert triage unit led by Josh Ornelaz, the unit was buffed up and back in action looking as good as new.

Avoid learning a lesson the hard way.  When you need assistance with your attraction, let us assist you every step of the way.  Our experienced and dedicated staff can create win-win solutions for your business and budget. Aside from our board sport-addict ways and riding every chance we get, your best interest is what we live for.  We want every FlowRider to look like it just won a beauty contest!  That way all of your patrons will always be stoked to ride your wave!

So whether it is a full refurb, or an upgrade to our unbelievable new recovery system, we can make it happen.  Just email  It is our passion to serve you!

See Ya On The Wave!