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Flow House Bali Grand Opening

Flow House Bali’s had their official Grand Opening party a month ago on Friday, November 4th.

The turnout was spectacular, the riding was spectacular and the traditional Indonesian entertainment was definitely spectacular!

Just a few days after the Flowboarding World Championships at Wave House Sentosa, our very own Adam Muller, FLOW Tour Coordinator and Merchandise Manager, headed over to make sure every thing was in order (a.k.a. have a blast with his brand new fiancé and a handful of FlowRider team riders, among them, Daniel Tarapchak and Nick Nguyen).

“There was a DJ, dancers, a photo booth, and phenomenal food and drink specials.  Everybody was so stoked!  This venue already has a solid group of regular riders, so the skill level was pretty high and fun for everyone to watch,” said Muller.  “Coming off the heals of the Worlds at Wave House Sentosa, I was a little tired, but as soon as Flow House Bali started filling up, it was on!!”  Muller also reported that there was plenty of Red Bull getting passed around – which is always helpful.

Flow House Bali is 2 km from Legian Beach and the famous Bruno’s Bar.   Every year thousands of tourists and locals ride the waves, enjoy drinks and beautiful sunsets on the beach.  Now when the waves are flat or people just want an amazing change of scenery they can head to Flow House Bali.

A full menu, full bar, DJs, dance competitions, FlowRider competitions and more awesome things are going on or are planned for Flow House Bali.  Next time you are in that part of the world, we know you will want to drop in.  Check out the Flow House Bali site here >>

See Ya On The Wave!