Markets & ROI

What is the ROI of a FlowRider? How Do I Achieve it?

The success of the FlowRider, and in particular the FlowRider Double, is centered around its ability to generate a Return on Investment. So how is that achieved? The foundation of this is simply ride ticket sales on the FlowRider itself. Typically, a venue will run 1-hour sessions and limit the number of riders to around 10 people per side. Each person would book a session in advance and pay around $30 per person. Since the ride is a double you would have a max capacity of 20 riders. So the maximum earnings would be around $600 per hour, and if your venue operates for 10 hours a day then you could make as much as $6,000 in revenue per day.  

As an example, 100 days of run time at max capacity would yield $600,000! One should never expect to run such high numbers for the entire year, however it doesn’t take long to figure out that the opportunity for a decent ROI is at hand. With that said, you should also realize that the FlowRider is an attraction, it brings people in, so the REAL opportunity is revenue from Food, Drinks, Retail and Events. The FlowRider creates the excitement which is at the heart of the venue. People then gather to watch the riders perform, wipe out and have a great time. This is your opportunity to take advantage of all of the spectators that come in. Offer good food and cold drinks and you have found the secret sauce. 

There is also a culture and lifestyle that follows the FlowRider, people are always interested in the latest board shorts, T-Shirts and other retail goods. This is certainly another opportunity with how the venue is planned.