Prices & Install Details

What Details do I Need to Know About Renting the FlowRider Mobile?

Here is the list of items renters incur when renting the FlowRider Mobile: 

Some items vary (or don’t apply) depending on individual situations. 

  1. Client shall be solely responsible for obtaining and paying all locally required government permits, authorizations, taxes and licenses necessary to allow the set-up and operation of the Attraction.  Client shall also be responsible for ensuring compliance with local health, plumbing, electrical and similar code requirements. 

b)      FlowRider, Inc. shall deliver the Attraction to the Site.  Client shall make all arrangements and pay for all handling, and storage if they occur and shall pay all import duties, customs fees, and any and all charges, fees, and taxes, including sales tax, import tax, and other taxes and levies, associated with the Attraction and its importation and operation. 

  1. Client shall be solely responsible for ensuring adequate space and support facilities in accordance with Exhibit B for the operation of the Attraction at the Event Site.  Client shall also be solely responsible for ensuring that the Event Site can support the full weight of the Attraction.  Client shall provide and pay for the services of a local electrician or plumber to connect and disconnect the Attraction to local electrical and plumbing sources. 
  1. Client shall be responsible for filling the Attraction (approximately 8,500 gallons) and for keeping additional water supply on site to refill the Attraction. 
  1. Client shall be responsible for providing a crane suitable for offloading and reloading the attraction (approximately 32,000 lbs.). Also necessary to supply is a forklift for duration of set up & breakdown for lighter, miscellaneous components. 
  1. Client shall provide 110V power source so that FlowRider, Inc. Personnel can operate miscellaneous tools and filtration equipment. 
  1. Client shall provide and pay for two skilled laborers to assist the FlowRider, Inc. Personnel with the Attraction installation, operation and breakdown. 
  1. Client shall pay for all expenses related to the installation, operation and breakdown of the Attraction, including but not limited to equipment rental, generator (60 Hz, 480V, 110 KW), electrical and plumbing expenses. 
  1. Client shall be solely responsible for all stadium lighting sufficient to work at night, staging, bannering, lights/sound and all other Event production supplies, equipment and personnel, which are approved by Client. 
  1. Client shall be solely responsible for all changing and restroom facilities. 
  1. Client shall pay for and supply appropriate administrative equipment and supplies and a site office/desk that is necessary to facilitate rider sign up paper work and administration. 
  1. Client shall be solely responsible for all Attraction storage and security costs incurred when the Attraction is not in use that are incurred during or as a result of the Event.  For example, the cost of keeping the Attraction in a secure warehousing site with security while not in use for the Event. 
  1. Client shall ensure payment is made for required upgrade costs incurred during or as a result of the Event that occur through no fault of FlowRider, Inc. or FlowRider, Inc.’s Personnel. 
  1. Client shall cause participants and or users of the Attraction to sign a completed Disclosure of Risk and Release of Liability as set forth in the attached Exhibit D, or as may be otherwise required by applicable laws or the organizers of each Event Site. 
  1. Client shall pay for FlowRider, Inc. Personnel’s reasonable travel, accommodation and business expenses occurred during or as a result of the Event.  If FlowRider, Inc. must pay these reasonable expenses, FlowRider, Inc. shall submit its reimbursement requests no later than thirty (30) days of the date the Attraction is returned by Client.  Client shall reimburse FlowRider, Inc. for these reasonable expenses within thirty (30) days of receipt of the reimbursement requests.   All expenses shall be limited to out-of-pocket expenses without markup and evidenced by reasonable third-party documentation. 
  1. Client shall provide and pay for security to protect the Attraction including security personnel costs when determined necessary by the parties. 
  1. Client will ensure that emergency medical staff is present during operational hours of Attraction. 
  1. Client shall provide and pay for an onsite certified lifeguard (if one is required by local authorities). 
  1. Client shall provide and pay for site utilities and general site clean-up. 


Can I rent the wave for 1 day? 

Yes, but please note that the amount of the 1-day rental fee will be the same if you run the wave for 1 hour or 10 hours that day.   

Does the Renal Fee include the cost of the load in day?   

Yes.  The 1-2 setup days, the operational day(s) and 1-2 breakdown days are all included. 

Does the Rental Fee include shipping costs?   

No.  FlowRider obtains a quote from a carrier/freight company and then once a reasonable price is locked in, we introduce the client to the main contact at said freight company.  This way the carrier can bill the client directly.  NOTE: This is usually the highest expense aside from the Rental Fee itself.  

Are there any specific requirements for where the water has to be sourced?  

It depends on the state and/or city regulations.  It’s been 50/50 with the most rentals; sometimes a city employee can tap a nearby hydrant and sometimes it needs to be trucked in.  

What about draining the tank? 

This also depends on state and/or city regulations.  We have equipment to drain the water into a nearby storm drain.  We treat the water so that pre-drain the chlorine level is less than 1ppm (safe for environment).   

However, if the city requires that the water be moved into a water truck and taken off site by a water truck, then you arrange with that water truck company to be onsite at the same time you plan ending your rental.  We must start the draining process right after the wave turns off. 

Speaking of water, where do I get additional water to refill the attraction during my multi-day event? 

It’s easiest to run a simple garden hose into the tank.  The attraction will lose water due to spray over the walls, evaporation and water getting soaked into riders’ clothing.  Our operators will keep an eye on the fill line so that the wave operates properly throughout the activation.  

What is the ideal surface for the FlowRider Mobile?                                                                                           

 A level concrete or asphalt surface like a parking lot is the absolute best.  No grass.  No sand.   

What are the specific requirements for the crane and fork lift?  I want to give the equipment rental company (e.g. Sunbelt Rentals) the correct information.  I need to budget these costs in too. 

The crane you rent needs to be able to handle a 15 ton load; this is for loading/unloading container off of the flatbed.  This is only necessary for offloading the container RIGHT when it arrives onsite and then when the container is all packed up again after the event. 

Skytrak with extendable boom arm forklift with minimum lift capacity of 13,500 lbs (6,000 kgs). 

Generator set cat xq175 (or equivalent). 

What’s up with us having to pay for FlowRider, Inc.’s travel and accommodations? 

It’s standard for the Client to pay for airfare and accommodations for the operators.  We would rather not pay for these items, add a margin and then pass it to you.   Protocol is that we pay for it, then request simple reimbursement from you/your accounting team.   

What are the branding opportunities for the FlowRider Mobile? 

Branding the wave is totally fine.  The area that is off-limits is basically the inside of the wave, especially ride surface itself.  We would also need a 2’ buffer area around the edges of the ride.  It’s also requested that there are no sharp points or objects involved in the branding elements.  

During setup any major, large format pieces planned for around the wave will have to go up in pieces.  A lot of clearance around the wave for the first full day of set up is necessary to make sure the wave gets pieced together and works properly before anything is erected around it.   

NOTE: A 10’x10’ space right behind the attraction needs to be left clear for the filtration and electrical components. 

Is it free to ride the wave? 

That is entirely up to you and your team.  Once the ride is up and running, our team’s main focus is that your patrons are safe and having a good time learning how to flowboard!   

How many people can be on the wave at a time? 

One person on the wave at time!  The sessions however should consist of up to 10 people per 30 or 60 minutes.  Basically a group of people form a line and then take turns getting on the wave.  Past clients have set up online waiver-signing and booking portals, so that the sessions are organized before the day even starts. 

Will FlowRider, Inc. provide boards for my patrons to ride during my event? 

Yes!  We will bring bodyboards and flowboards.                                                                                            

NOTE: All first-time patrons will start by bodyboarding and then “graduate” to flowboarding (stand up riding). 

Will FlowRider, Inc. provide swim trunks/suits for my patrons to wear when they ride?                                    


Will the operators ride/exhibit their skills during the event at some point(s)?                                        

Sure!  If it is a professional FlowRider Team Rider that you want to enlist, there is a fee.  The amount is negotiable depending on the length of the event and your plan/vision.  FlowRider would pay that rider and then add that fee as a line item in the reimbursement invoice mentioned above.                         

NOTE: Some operators are not professional team riders, but are totally proficient, so they will hop on whenever requested.