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How Much Does it Cost to Rent the FlowRider Mobile?

The Mobile wave has a pricing structure that varies depending upon location, duration, and the level of involvement of FlowRider, Inc. personnel.  

For instance, if a client wants to rent it for a two-week period, the client will pay a rental fee of $44,500. This includes the wave itself of course and two FlowRider, Inc. technicians to set it up, operate it and then tear down at the conclusion of the activation. 

There are ancillary costs involved with a FlowRider Mobile rental of which the client is responsible – freight, rigging, local permits or certifications, water fill, water drain, etc… In all honesty, this rental structure is not a turnkey solution. We admit that a turnkey solution would be neat & tidy. We would like to offer this, but it turns out that trying to lump together all the possible costs in all the different areas and scenarios could end up costing most clients more money in the end.  

Some locations are closer to San Diego, California (where the FlowRider Mobile is stored) than others; this affects the freight cost. Some clients own forklifts and generators while others do not; if they don’t own this equipment, the client will have to rent from Sunbelt, United Rentals or some other qualified company. Some clients will operate this unit on private land while other clients will be required to spend hundreds or thousands on special permitting or certification. You see where we are going with this, right? It is very case by case and it’s all meant to keep the costs down on an already expensive rental.  

 If a waterpark wanted to rent it (like Typhoon Texas did all last summer) for a long period of time, then we would figure out a fee for the activation period and send our 2 technicians to site for set up per usual. The difference would be that once the wave was set up, our technicians (or at least one) would stay onsite for the first 4-7 days of wave operation to basically set up the client for success for the rest of the rental period. A technician would thoroughly train the staff from how to turn the ride on, to how to safely teach someone to ride, to how to conduct a walk-through maintenance check on the wave. At the end of the activation, two technicians would come back, break the wave down and help the client oversee the load out. 

By the way, these long-term rentals are typically meant to be a proof of concept; it’s the venue’s chance to see with their own eyes how their local clientele will react to having a wave at their home park and in their home town. Seeing results for themselves is a big deal, we understand this and fully support a proof of concept route. 

For short-term rentals, local sponsorship opportunities can help defray the rental cost. Over the years, some clients have secured sponsorship from companies like Marriott, Sprite, Kraft Foods, etc. Activation (and potentially data collection & exposure for your sponsor) is the key. Or, like Google once did, you can rent it for the day for an employee party! The opportunities are endless for the product, from the Olympic Swim Trials in Omaha to SXSW in Austin, the product has a wonderful niche for activating a location!

The rental fee is based on ONE location in North America only.

We only have one FlowRider Mobile unit, so we must operate on a first come, first served basis. Basically, if someone is certain about their dates, the wave is available on our end and they submit a deposit, it’s locked in for them on their preferred dates.