Prices & Install Details

How Big Does the Mechanical Room Need to Be?

Typically, a 10’x10’ (3m x 3m) space is needed to facilitate the VFD/Electrical Panel for a FlowRider Double. A couple important things to note about this special room – A) It is crucial to have this equipment in a room that is air conditioned (and away from the water/filtration system) and B) there needs to be enough clearance for the door to the panel to swing open and enough space to accommodate at least one person in the room. The door should also be large enough to allow the cabinet to be moved in or out of the room with relative ease. Keep in mind also that the panel weighs 460kg/1014 lbs. Generally, the dimensions of the cabinet for a Double are as follows:  

2006mm (79”) High  

992mm (39”) Wide  

610mm (24”) Deep