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Does the FlowRider Come in Other Colors?

Years have been spent on the Brand Creation for the FlowRider(R) family of products. The significance of this is that if you were to search “FlowRider” in YouTube, you would come up with between 90K-400K videos. This is all about the brand of FlowRider and the strength of it as well. The blue color that was conceptualized years ago is synonymous with our product. Yes, others have jumped on board, and almost all stationary wave systems have this “blue” color, or something close. 

Is it possible to make a FlowRider in a different color? Yes, of course it is, but there is a cost involved. This is because we order the custom FlowRider blue vinyl in very large quantities – and the minimum order for this product is substantial. If a client wants to spend money on a custom color, we are more than happy to oblige. In fact, we would be happy to help, but it is not a cost we can absorb. Many requests have come in recently for custom colors – to the point we have put together a program for it.  If you are interest, please let us know!! 

We also insist on the FlowRider word mark, or logo, being on the ride surface and rear wall. These are the required brand marks for the attraction. There is plenty of room to make sure a client’s brand can be represented on the attraction, and we are more than happy to make it happen, but it will need to be a collaborative effort. The fact is, our most visited page on, is the locations tab. Why? Because there are hundreds of thousands of flowboarding enthusiasts who want to know where the nearest FlowRider is to them. We help drive traffic to your venue through brand identification. Hopefully you are buying a FlowRider for all the right reasons, and one is because of the brand and the support behind it. 

We have worked with many clients on working their theming into the FlowRider “area.” We would love to work with you on this as well! 

We like to call this one the RainbowRider! Although it would look cool, this is just meant to show you some colors not an exact ride surface option.