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Can FlowRiders Be Moved?

“Yes!” for some models and “No, not really” for some other models. 

The FlowRider Mobile is indeed what the name suggests – mobile. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘inflatable’ though. This doesn’t make it light and easy to transport. The ride surface and sidewalls are made with FlowRider, Inc.’s inflatable technology, but the rest of this machine is made from steel. It weighs about 30,000 lbs and needs a special drop deck trailer for transport.  

The next most moveable model is called the FlowRider Wave-in-a-Box. This is a unit that is designed to have its own self-contained tank so that it can sit above- ground. On sites where it is impossible to excavate (i.e., the 6th floor of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas), this is a perfect solution. Although it is technically moveable, this model was not designed with the intention to move it often. When it is installed, there are some pieces welded together which makes it costly to undo, move and re-install somewhere else. But, they have been moved many times and make the units versatile and resaleable.


The most commonly installed FlowRiders are set into concrete tanks, so those types of FlowRiders are moveable, but you have to leave the infrastructure behind – which is costly. There are some elements that can be re-used in a different installation, but this doesn’t happen very often.